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Hello, I’m Tom Frye. Having been a youth worker for the past 40 years, I now write books that challenge and re-direct at-risk kids confined to detention centers, drug treatment, and alternative schools. If you as a teacher, parent, probation officer or counselor have that one most difficult kid that you just can’t seem to get through to, hand him one of my books and see what happens. I dare you.

Beyond the Wind

Beyond the Wind is the story of two boys  who stumble upon a conspiracy to prevent an AIDS awareness program from being introduced into Nebraska schools. Chris and Kyle become players in this … [Read More...]


Dragon Stone

This is one of my earlier books, published many years before Scratchin' on the Eight Ball and my other more widely-read works. I will have chapters from it posted online shortly, and please check back … [Read More...]


Rez Dog

To publish my new book, Rez Dog, I am taking pre-orders for $15. This is a Publishing Venture Partnership, and entitles you to a book with your NAME listed in the back. I have $45 in the bank, but my … [Read More...]

Eight Ball

Scratchin’ on the Eight Ball

"It's a bust!" someone cries out...and thus starts a series of adventures for thirteen year-old Reason Nelson that takes him into the dark world of drugs and serious crime. Based on the actual … [Read More...]


Stag Heart Book One

Chapter One The massive beast exploded out of the woods in front of the boy, causing the little kid to wet his pants. The monstrous grizzly knocked him senseless with savage fury and hurricane … [Read More...]


Stag Heart Book Two

In this book, Ryan finds himself being stalked by the mysterious Wanagi, the ghost walker. After a near-death encounter with the demon warrior, Dawn helps Ryan to  accept and understand the Lakota … [Read More...]


The Kid, The Cop, and The Con

After the events of Scratchin' on the Eight Ball, Reason Nelson embarks on a personal journey of discovery that will take him closer to the edge. He struggles with the loss of his friend, coming to … [Read More...]

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